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developed by clinicians as the SAFEST SOLUTION to reduce clinician workload


AMRA is a tech-enabled prescription refill management program.

It is the only solution to refill management with

consideration of individual patient need and clinical discretion while enabling safe management/delegation of refill requests without the risk of manual errors or time-consuming chart review or general consensus based on ever-changing clinical guidelines

We take care of refills, so clinicians can take care of patients

With AMRA, you choose to use your team or ours - 

- select the service that best solves your staffing and workload problems

AMRA On-Site (integrated software)

REDUCE workload and IMPROVE medication safety 

Supplement or replace current medication refill processes

using your own staff and AMRA Prescription Refill Management


AMRA's patent-pending logic integrated within your EHR provides a safe recommendation of action to take in responding to a refill request​

Fully Integrated with

Contact us for information about other EHRs




patent-pending technology customizes refill recommendations based on individual patient needs and not general guidelines



enables safe delegation of refill requests to save nursing & provider time, resulting in more time for value-added services and less burnout


only software solution that takes into account individual provider discretion and not generalized protocols based on consensus



improves turn around time for refill requests, decreasing risk of patient harm from being without medication and improved patient satisfaction

AMRA is a software program with the ability 

to integrate directly into electronic health records.

It was built to increase medication management safety and decrease physician and nursing burnout and turnover due to workload concerns.


The innovative software safely allows for efficient delegation of refill requests with a focus on individual patient clinical needs and provider discretion. 



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AMRA is a service-focused software solution.

As clinician-founders, we understand the importance of service to support implementation and continued use of the product to meet the operational and clinical needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on customer service, taking care of the details, so your clinical teams can enjoy the value of the product!

Save Physician Time & Energy

Less work from home time

More productive admin time


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